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New Air Mobility


Enabling technologies

The first pan-European 300 Million Euros fund for New Space and New Air Mobility

To support Deep-Tech for European Strategic Sovereignty

Backing European Aerospace founders, from Pre-Seed to Series B without compromise

We back startups with disruptive technology and teams in the Aerospace ecosystem
From pre-seed to Series B
Both Software and Hardware
Become a co-founder of the most ambitious European ASD fund, supported by public authorities, industry and financial institutions.

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Unique Alliance

A unique alliance of key players in the start-up support and financing ecosystem will form the newest European Aerospace fund, recently joined by Rymdkapital .


Logo Audacia
3 Deep-Tech VC funds
400M€+ AUM
Created the only VC fund dedicated to Quantum Technologies
3 New Space Investments
Invested in more than 350 companies


Logo Starburst
100 startups in portfolio
12000+ startups in database
Unique International presence with 10 offices worldwide
10 years in ASD startups support

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